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consultation for religious gatherings


HOLY SOUND! provides churches with professional and patient audio intervention.

I am not a salesman and it is never my goal to push a church to change its audio practices. My goal is to create a pleasant worship experience for musicians and attendees, even the most curmudgeon ones. Most of the time, that can be achieved by making adjustments to the existing equipment in the space and by providing additional training to the equipment operators. 

In recent years, many churches have made the transition from analog to digital sound equipment. It has been an exciting trend in modern worship. Many sound installation companies are glad to help with initial set-up and training (to varying degrees), but every system needs a "tune-up" once in a while. There can be so many variables: new volunteers who did not receive proper training, musician/instrumentation/configuration changes, broken equipment; any number of factors can cause of your system to not sound as good as it can. 

I offer a full range of hands-on services, as needed: from installation to operation, as well as one-on-one training. My rates are flexible, based on your church's capacity and the scope of work. All of my work is guaranteed: if you are not happy with my work, I put everything back exactly the way it was.

Eventually, the goal of Holy Sound! is to grow into an organization that connects churches of all sizes with each other to create a full community network of audio/visual/lighting support.

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